Saturday, April 1, 2017


PAD Challenge: Day 1. For today’s prompt, write a reminiscing poem. 
 I am recalling my dad's bouncing steps and his whistling as spring reignited both duty and dream!

He whistles as he works; his voice is filled with fiery pep
He seems much younger than his years with keenness in each step
His day begins in early morn, machinery starts to sing
For weary farmers seem reborn when winter turns to spring

Prelude to wheat fields gleaming like gold oceans at high noon
Is poured from bag to planter to the lilt of zephyr tune
Where soft, upon the stilly dusk the hum of steely steed
Is heard as Farmer tills the dust and refills trust with seed

The air is heady with the blend of tractor fumes and blooms
And fresh turned sod; God stirs the soul in nature's living rooms
Where it seems all creation is refurbished with the joy
Of sweet, sweet innocence reserved for childhood's girl and boy

The farmer knows that hope and woe will wage their yearly wars
That highs and lows of price and temps are hinged to spring's first chores
But still, he whistles as he works and dares to dream and plan
For spring, like a fountain of youth works wonder in a man

Janet Martin


  1. A wonderful start, Janet!
    Looking forward to many more poems from you this April (and beyond!)

    1. oh, thank-you so much Sasha. I COMPLETELY forgot about this until i saw something in my in-box to remind me:) yay!
      I'll do what i can. Since mid-March week a new family has joined my day-care #'s so week-days are busier than ever!

  2. A wonderful tribute to a great man


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