Monday, April 10, 2017


PAD Challenge day 10: For today’s prompt, write a travel poem.


Let’s make a day of it
And travel where the hours
Unravel lanes where swallows flit
Through hollows frilled with flow’rs

…and brooklets lilt and laugh
Like autographs from God
And all along the wooded path
The dogtooth violets nod

…and breezes ebb and flow
Like sea-song, ethereal
And buttercups like golden snow
Bedazzles hill and dell

…and wander-lands of green
Herald nature’s rebirth
Where everything seems seventeen
Giddy with dreams and mirth

...and earth, once more akin
To Eden’s perfect world
Invites us to glimpse heaven in
A day of spring unfurled

Let's make a day of it
Let's climb each grassy height
Until the sky is diamond-lit
And earth slips out of sight

© Janet Martin


  1. I love those golden-snow buttercups. The whole day sounds perfect, Janet.

    1. inspired by nostalgic memories and a lingering longing:)

  2. It can be a day. or it can be a Day! Wonderful reflection.


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