Monday, October 31, 2016

While Winds Cajole and Seasons Flow...

It was a point-and-shoot-instant-masterpiece morning!

Holy, the toll
That strips the soul
While winds cajole and seasons flow
While softly sweeps
Fall's leaf-strewn deeps
Out to yon skyline rife with snow

Still, still the will
Of winter’s chill
Seeps into Time’s consonant stride
A seamless guile
Of nod and smile
And dozing by the fireside

Hush, hush the rush
Of dry leaf shush
-ing earth, encumbered with ado
While breath by breath
Each daily death
Abbreviates Time’s avenue

Tick-tock, tick-tock
The sky-wide clock
Chimes blush, then blue, now warm, then cold
And we forget
The Awesome Yet
Hinged to its pendulum of gold

With holy toll
It strips the Whole
Until, until all that remains
Of skin and bone
And grin and groan
Is the Unseen that breath constrains

© Janet Martin

'God of the seasons and sky,
You have always been holding my life' (from above song)

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