Wednesday, October 5, 2016

All In A Day's 'Play'

What are wrinkles?  he asks searching my face for an answer with his toy detective-glass
While his baby sister deposits her cucumber slice down the front of my shirt
And I struggle to find words and cucumber

What is steam? he questions as I ask him to 'close the fridge because the steam means we are losing
cold air', so he does and the steam disappears, and I never knew how hard it was to describe in 3 year old smallness, words I never give a second thought and he really wants to know, what is steam?

What is this bird’s name?  he wonders and when I say Bluebird he wants to know its ‘real’ name because anyone can see it’s a bluebird and he knows I’ve never told him that the other birds are red bird, yellow bird, brown bird etc…

Jacket, diaper, drink and shoes
Picnic basket, peek-a-boo
Books and trucks and dollies too
Blocks and missing socks
Help me, push me, hold me, tug
Please and fank-you, look, a bug!
Nighty-night and wakey-hug
Worlds unrushed by clocks

Inside, outside, upside down
Pat-a-cake, and sing a song
Garden-helper, happy-brown
Dreamer-dappled yard
Fairy tales and pirate ships
Messes, crumbs and sticky drips
Laughter tickling hearts and lips
Innocence unmarred

Learn to listen, learn to share
I can't find my teddy-bear
Sing and jump and run, no care
But one, is it lunch? 
Lie beneath the sky so blue
Pick a flower-bunch or two
'I love you', 'I love you too'
 ...fresh tugged carrot-crunch

God is great, KD is good
Thank God for our yummy food
Tummy full and diaper too
Piggy games with toes
Crayon colors, count the jars
Nursery rhymes and dinky cars
Pick up toys and play-doh stars
Kiss that crinkled nose

Trip around the world, oh my
On a magic quilt we fly
Rock-a-bye and hush, don’t cry
Wings the while away
Wipe and tuck, zip, button, tie
Bubbles bobbing to the sky
Apple snack and why, why, why
All in a day’s ‘play’

© Janet Martin

 Well, we're off to do some more 'playing';-)

Picnics and mittens, he is learning, has its challenges:)

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