Friday, October 28, 2016

To Mr. Frost...

Are you lonely as you wander
Artist without brush or jars
Detailing in gilt-spun grandeur
Leaf and sheaf and heath, with stars

From frayed pockets you untether
Dye of diamonds, dreams and dew
Fleet as fairy-feet you feather
Autumn’s auburn avenue

No most lowly form forgotten
Genteel now, each vagabond
Kiss o’ mist and moon-dust mornin’
Dazzles sprig and twig and frond

Wisp ‘o wishes turns to wonder
Where your piquant plunder falls
Through a waking world you thunder
Silver makes no sound at all

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh, thank you Janet! These photos of yours are more "song of the lark" moments to me. Just achingly beautiful. And this poem-on-request tickles me beyond measure. The second stanza is my favorite, but the last line--silver makes no sound at all-- is the best.

    Still smiling.

    1. I'm, glad you enjoyed! Your suggestion teased my Muse, and your favorite parts are mine too. (I'll be honest, it's not everything I wanted it to be but I still thoroughly enjoyed trying.) It was a nice way to unwind after a lively daycare day!

    2. also, I've adopted that 'song of the lark' phrase. It fits those 'achingly beautiful moments to a T!


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