Friday, October 14, 2016

Our Cup Runneth Over

So much to share, my dear
So much to do,
So much to bear, tis clear
Before life is through

So much to touch and taste
So much to choose
So much to use or waste
Before Ordained Dues

So much to teach and learn
In living’s school
So, so much no-return
On each season-spool

So much to bud and bloom
Before Winter's Quick
So much to plant and prune
So much to pick

Upsy-doh, down we go
So much slip-trip
So much of yes and no
Testing our grip

So much to have and hold
So much let-go
So much of growing old
Still startles us so

So much to love, my love
Why do we hate?
So much to give, enough
To fill every plate

So much to hope and trust
So much gold-gray
In daily dust-to-dust
Of so much to pray

© Janet Martin


  1. So beautiful ☺ Have a lovely weekend ♥

    1. Hi Summer,
      I'm curious...what is autumn like in Jamaica?

      Thank-you for dropping by and enjoy the week-end!


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