Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Today; No More or Less

 What are you doing with your today? 
Mine started with a dentist appointment...
 and ended with supper-soup and scones...the scones inspired by this post.

For all that love and life will let
Of care to bear; of shares gold, gray
Of all that good or ill beget
It never sends more than Today

For all the war of living’s woe
And all the weight that Worry sires
Still thank God, by whose grace we go
Today is all that He requires

For all that He expects of us
And all we humbly hope through Him
He never, ever asks of us
More than the day that we are in

For all of trouble’s misery
And all the good that we forget
We know, no matter what will be
Today is all He’ll ever let

© Janet Martin

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