Monday, May 30, 2016

Looking Lessons

If I have grown numb in time’s front row seat
To the beauty of hither and yon
If I have grown blind to the fine-flung sheet
That glows with the rose of dawn

...and shimmers with dew where hue of New
Is viewed as a common thing, old
And I do not see (right in front of me)
The free-fall that beckons ‘behold’

If I have grown cold to the gold of new day
And bold to the point of complaint
If somehow, surrounded by Mercy’s hooray
I miss wonder’s thundering paint

If, in my commitment toward what is not
I miss what is, but is growing dim
If I trample underfoot love-notes from God
Because I forget about Him

If I have become somewhat dull and immune
To the marvel of heaven-lent prize
Then, oh Lord, forgive and help me to re-tune
My heart to refocus my eyes

© Janet Martin

"Janet, Janet", he called in breathless wonder. "Look at this be-e-a-u-u-tiful flower!" and he held up a delicate white teeny-tiny star. Yes beautiful indeed!!

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