Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cut Down To Sighs...

 Tonight twilight sighs in tall, shadow-shaped goodbyes

Sighs oft size up the human heart
The art of hold-let-go
Can never quite prepare us for
Its paradise of ‘oh!’

Sighs sigh in universal tongue
Glad, sad or just because
A language of both old and young
For what is or what was

They speak of a mind set at ease
Of restless wanderlust
They gather up fond memories
And matters made for trust

They utter love, longing and loss
In soft, unspoken ties
Because the very heart of us
Is oft cut down to sighs

© Janet Martin

This poem was inspired by the previous poem which was inspired, I am certain, by all the things I should be doing (see photo of prev. poem) rather than penning a poem!

Tonight my sighs are spawned by
Duty of House
Beauty of Dusk...

(...the beauty of Duty wins.
I hate getting up to yesterday's chores)

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