Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Like Simple Words...

I like simple words
How they make us smile
‘Let’s have tea’,
‘Come, visit me’
‘Let’s just sit a while’

‘Let’s walk through the garden’
‘Look, the corn is up’
‘Look, a yellow butterfly’
‘Let’s make veggie soup’

‘Let’s go to the market’
‘I’m tired, let’s go home’
‘Read me a story,
‘Read it again’
And oh, ‘I love you, mom’

‘There’s fresh chocolate-chip cookies’
‘The coffee is ready now’
‘Thank-you for drying the dishes’
‘Did, you see the sunset? Wow’

‘Let's pick dandelions’
‘Let’s water the flowers’
‘It’s dinner time’
‘It’s picnic-time’
‘I could stay like this for hours'

‘Can I hold the baby?’
‘Look, a humming-bird’
‘Look at the time,
My how life flies’
I like simple words

© Janet Martin

This post was inspired in part by reading this quote...

It is more fun to talk with someone
who doesn’t use long, difficult words
but rather short, easy words like ‘What about lunch?’
~ A.A. Milne
...found at Brenda's long letter , well worth your while.
You will feel the better for reading it!

 Today's simple words will include, 'let's dig' because I'm revamping the front flower-garden a little:)

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