Saturday, August 29, 2015

We After's Before

 Last year's threshold of this day was far more colorful than this year...the reason I remember? I sent the above picture on a birthday card I made for my dad last year:)

Over the threshold of the east like waves that wash the shore
A new portion of moments sweeps into After’s Before
Where cupped between Time’s firmament of Future filling Past
We are. Upon the breadth of Now each little life is cast

The poetry of it can steal our hearts and soothe our fears
The agony of it can feel like wounds tattooed in tears
But then over the threshold where the Now of yester fell
A new Now spills its everlasting charge of ‘Do it well’

Holy, holy, the free-fall of an hour soon is swept
Into Past’s captive endlessness; our Want of it inept
Yet we are often wanderers of it; not with our feet
But with reaches of thought; its jaded journey bittersweet

Now blooms then breaks in petals. We are reapers of its moil
The plot of it may cause our heart of hearts to ache with spoil
The toil of it may spit at us; still in form of Today
Over the threshold of God’s grace a New Now carves its way

© Janet Martin

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