Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Of What We Touch a Moment...

Today is like a canvas,
That unfolds with the dawn
Its moments paint the pictures
That we look back upon

Then move the brush with rev’rence
Handle the page with care
For what passes in moments
Remains forever There

And often thought will wander
That heart-hung gallery
Of what we touch a moment
Then hold eternally

© Janet Martin

I think today calls for a picnic...
the perfect interruption 
to a continuous 'shmozzle' of gardening,
dirty dishes 
and other daily blessings!

Oh! you're wondering what kind of cookies those are?;-)
These (recipe below) only I substitute oil for the margarine and reduce the amounts of sugar a little.

I missed capturing on camera the moment of little-boy milk mustaches and cookie-crumb beards:)


  1. Yum/wow/whew!!
    Out to my garden I shall go...praying for energy in all you face today.

    1. 'tis the season...don't you love it?!...and thank-you.


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