Friday, August 7, 2015

A One Time Thing!

"Never mind that everyone else was gold and bronze. 
She was born pink so her very best pink she was going to be!"

We should bloom where we’re planted
And to our Maker be true
Because, my love, He'll never make
Another me or you

We might stick out like a sore thumb
Or an odd-ball, ‘tis true
But. my dear, there will never be,
Another me or you

So we should stand up brave and tall
Do all that we can do
To be the very best of all
One, only me and you

© Janet Martin seems somehow a zinnia seed mixed in with marigolds.
Did she decide to become a marigold after being surrounded by them; nearly drowned out by them?!
Nope! Tall and pink and bold she stands.

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