Saturday, August 29, 2015

Of One-time You and Me

Yesterday's suggested stroll through zinnia's and marigolds had to be put on hold so as not to interrupt the bees;-) the only visitor I met was a grasshopper.

Zinnia's are sort of like snowflakes, Victoria remarked, so many somewhat the same yet so different!

Sort of like people too, huh? We may seem quite different in appearance yet we are also quite alike;
...we need to be needed and love to be loved!

And a pair of ears
We are all somewhat alike
At first        glance,       it appears
But if         we look more       closely
Then ah,         we will         surely see
That there        is only       one of you
And only one of me
So, since 
we are a            one-time Us
Oh, wouldn't             you agree
That we         should 
 not bicker            and fuss
But ever          strive to be
The best  version,           by God's kind grace
 Of one time            You and Me



  1. Beautiful. Love the bouquet you gave me.. Back to chores...where did all my spare time go? :))

    1. Two beautiful words...spare time;-) Where does any time go...spare or not!

  2. You betcha, Janet! Clever poem and clever format. I've done some teaching at one time on this subject.

    Also, you've got me contemplating two less consequential items: interrupting the bees in the garden, and where the time goes when we are done with it. I can feel a story lurking in both.


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