Friday, August 7, 2015

Life's Salad Bowl

When you’ve got fixin’s for a salad
Life is fine
Bitty kiss and cuddle, darlin’
Little sip o’ wine
Splash o’ laughter, dash o’ tear
Hint o’ things to come, my dear
Tug o‘ heart and cup o’ cheer
Begs the soul to dine

When you got fixin’s for a salad
Life is grand
Bitty heartache, hope and hunger
Sifting through love’s hand
Pinch o’ prudence, second chance
A whole heart full o’ romance
Invites life’s taste buds to dance
All across the land

When you got fixin’s for a salad
Life is good
This and that and thus, my darling
Makes soul-food
Smidge o’ sunshine on the face
Slice o’ somethin’ nice to taste
Overflow the bowl with grace
M-m-m-m, m-m-m-m, good

© Janet Martin

Life is a little like salad, isn't it?
a lot of this and that mixed together to create something surprisingly nice!

Imagine if the phone never rang, if no one ever needed your help, if nobody came and went in your home leaving behind a trace of their presence...
I pinched off a big HUFF as I looked into my son's bedroom. Definitely someone living there!!
...then I looked into Melissa's room where everything stays exactly the same unless she drops in for a visit.
I think I prefer the clothes-salad in Matt's room;-) 

Speaking of salad(my very favorite food in the world, in case I've never mentioned it)
I 'invented' one the other day that was so delish...I want you to enjoy it too!
With gardens spilling over with fresh produce its fun to experiment.

Janet's Summer Salad
Break up lettuce, any variety will do.
I used ice-berg and butter-crunch(a home-grown variety)
Slice some cabbage on top(amount depends on how large you want the serving)
Add sliced onion rings(I like red onion but any will do)
diced cucumber,
green pepper(or red) chopped
a diced tomato(optional)
some broccoli flowerets
black beans
shredded mozzerella cheese
and sprinkle with toasted sunflower and flax seeds 
I added chicken but it is also great without
 (you can pick and choose which items to use or omit as well)

(large batch; leftovers can be stored in refrigerator)
place in blender;
3/4 cup wh. sugar(less is you prefer less sweet)
1/2 cup vinegar
1/8 to 1/4 cup soy sauce(I prefer it less salty)
healthy pinch of black pepper
blend then slowly add;
3/4 cup olive oil (or 1/2 olive and 1/2 canola)
blend again
then drizzle lightly on salad

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