Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On Summer's Lease

We try to find peace in the lease of it
Carpe diem, its flower-hour weeps
As dust claims what it must, August’s rubric
Satisfies hungry eyes with sanguine sweeps
Where summer seeps, sun-steeped into Past’s swoon
Midst serenade of shade and cricket-tune

We try to pacify our sigh with blooms
Earth’s living-room of roses overflows
Her landscape glows; the Bride of patient plumes
Where closing dates approach and nature knows
That it is futile to resist the Hand
That draws Her door ajar then shut again

We try to appease our unwilling will
For *summer’s lease hath all too short a date
A ruddy hint teases Her hazy hill
With Imminence and fences with no gate
As little girl-worlds fall prey to silk streams
For who can dam the day that drinks her dreams?

© Janet Martin

*Summer's lease hath all too short a date~ William Shakespeare


  1. Mr. Shakespeare didn't live in Southeast Texas, that's for certain. We can't wait for summer to be over, but I understand the fondness of it if you live in a harsh winter area. I would want it to stay longer, as well.

    Lovely words, as always.

    1. Your summer sounds brutal!! No, we in Ontario don't ever get heat like you do. We've had a whole summer of super comfortable...if I had any complaints it would be that its a little too cool, but I won't complain:)


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