Monday, January 30, 2012

Poemlets and such...

Expectation without example
Is a tough act to follow

A life well-lived
Is lived in moments
An unfulfilled life
Is a quiet torment

Fake your knowlesge
If you must
Wisdom cannot
Nor can trust

Dare to love recklessly
There is nothing to lose
But chance
Dare to live fully
Just close your eyes
and dance

In well-doing
We do well

Placing trust
In a perpetual liar
Is like trusting thin ice
Next to a fire

Moments are pennies
Hours are dimes
Little is much
In multiple times

Dig deep
When burying grudges

Walk carefully
Between lines of gossip

We are never too wise
For life’s school
Or too educated
For the Golden Rule

Shapes desire
Shapes action
Shapes lives
And lives
Shape history
History shapes
What we know
...what we know
shapes thought...

I think I know...
I love you!


1 comment:

  1. Lots of good ideas here. I like the feel of this,

    "Dig deep
    When burying grudges

    Walk carefully
    Between lines of gossip"

    well done.


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