Friday, January 27, 2012


The big, black night is a hole in the wall

Through which every day gently slips

I tried, but I guess I am too small

So I lay me down to sleep

The big, black night is a pillow for all

But somehow when I lay down my head

It is not slumber, but whispers that fall

In the colors of love’s tangled thread

The big black night is a shoulder dark, broad

The world leans against it in rest

While you lean against every beat of my heart

Leaving nothing, but a void in my chest

The big black night tugs its hem to the ground

The earth is a grand, king-size bed

I’ve never slept in a bed that is round

Do you prefer crackers…or bread?


H-m-m-m-! I think I'll have a saltine for my bed-time snack.


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