Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Forgotten Pond


It sleeps upon a still and frozen hearth
Forsaken, as the flash of childish dream
Attended by the Gardener of earth
Bejeweled by stones that line the bubbling stream
And I must go to this forgotten place
Of pine-thatched roof and rain-washed breathing space

A gate cannot dissuade my wanderlust
I’m drawn by leaf-notes fluttering aloft
Intoxicated by musk-laden dust
The wind is curved against me, cool and soft
I grope to touch the effervescent breeze
More hope have I, to rebuild memories

Veiled moments; thousands, pass in obscure schemes
The breath of nature’s grace dissolves their cry
There is a time to work and time for dreams
I spread my fantasies against the sky
Cattails like stalwart guards, cajole the fronds
Lacing the banks of long-forgotten ponds

It sleeps upon a still and frozen hearth
Jade broach garnishing winter’s stark lapel
Dazzling, rare, within its hidden berth
Ancient, forgotten and so beautiful
A jewel amongst the pine and cedar hush
Heaven dropped a sparkle from its brush


The pond lay beneath this pine-thatched roof
I saw it yesterday, on my afternoon trek through the woods.


  1. I do envy your ability to write metered poetry with a rhyme scheme that is not obvious. I am usually well into your poems before I notice the metre and when I look more closely, that's when I notice the rhyme.

    I love this world your speaker describes. The imagery is so rich.


  2. Thank-you Mosk, It was one of your words...'bejeweled' that ignited the smoldering thought:)

  3. What Margo said.
    Beautiful wordling, Janet.

  4. Thank-you Mary. You are always so kind and encouraging.

  5. The picture your words paint is gorgeous, Janet. I love "The wind is curved against me..." It is such a lush physical description. Brava!

  6. I find this truly wonderful. Love your writing. So many great lines but my favorite is 'Of pine-thatched roof and rain-washed breathing space'. Thanks for taking me to this heavenly spot.


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