Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warm Details...........

When winter seems long…….
Too long and it has scarcely begun
With its cold blue lips drawn
Over the sun
I recall details of a warm summer day
To chase frigid shadows of winter away
I recall the little brook at the foot of the hill
Meandering, chattering, when the midnight is still
The tall reeds standing like infantry
Within its gurgling melody
The delicate fringe of a pale pink dawn
Shedding its tinge on a dew-kissed lawn
The song-bird heralding the first soft light
The last star fading out of sight
I recall the fresh breeze of a summer morn
How it would tease the fields of corn
And softly laugh against my cheek
Its kiss not for the faint or weak……
I pine for the scent of a sudden rain
Washing the earth all clean again
Childish voices drifting to me
As they loll in the shade of the maple tree
The perfume of a thousand blooms
Wafting through airy living-rooms
Windows wide-open to catch the sound
Of summer’s midnight coming down
A thousand crickets serenade
This hallowed hour, heaven-made
When winter seems long……..
Too long and it has scarcely begun
I recall the moments soaked in yellow sun…..


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