Tuesday, December 7, 2010

But If Only They Knew......

They ask me from time to time
If I love them as well
As I did when they were still
So very small
When I would hold them in my lap
And teach their little hands to clap
And I would clap as they would walk
And laugh as they learned how to talk
Yes, I sure did love them when they were small
…….but if only they knew
They would not ask at all

He asks me now and then out of the blue
If I still love him
As I did when love was new
And we were young
But how do I tell of a deeper thrill
By something as small as a shadow that fell
Across his face as he sat in his chair
And we say nothing at all in the soft evening air
Yes, it sure was special, that young love I recall
…..but if only he knew
He would not ask me at all

Does he wonder sometimes if I remember the day
Of the azure sky
Or the unexpected way
We passed each other by……
And all that is left is the echo of a sigh
The wish and the dream and the tear in our eye
For a day perhaps never meant to be
But was for a moment……reality
And I remember, tenderly, as the shadows fall
………but if only he knew
He would never wonder at all


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