Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year Waits..........

It waits for us in shrouds of mist
Its bowers hid from view
The old year, sadly, fondly kissed
Now sleeps beyond the blue
And in its stead a new year gleams
On hope’s translucent spires
Upon its wings we sense new dreams
New visions and desires

The disappointed tears we’ve wept
Now sleep beneath the sod
Yesterday’s failures are swept
Into the arms of God
As lovingly He wipes away
Our folly; every trace
And gives to us a brand new day
A gift of love and grace

The old year rests in history
With myriads before
Ahead we see but mystery
A vague, yet open door
On its threshold now we stand
Between the old and new
One thing remains; God’s faithful hand
To gently guide us through

Janet Martin~

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