Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Gone....

Oh, I see it tonight
In the candlelight
Another year growing dim
As the faint echo of
Living and love
Dances upon its flame
The flickering glow
Falls upon the snow
A slate once pure and clean
Now trampled and marred
And as sadly scarred
As the year that had previously been
I see in its light
A smile of delight
For sweet days I will not forget
But in this flickering year
I see the tear
Of sorrow and regret
Sorrow for the one
Who was suddenly gone
And we do not understand
As with tear in our eye
We keep asking ‘why’?
We sure do miss you, friend
The tear of regret
Is for battles met
But clearly not yet won
As I see in the light
Of a candle tonight
Another year almost gone
I see in its gleam
The wisp of a dream
Fall like a leaf to the sea
I see hope, I see love
Streaming from above
For the year that is yet to be
I see it tonight
In the candle-light
I hear it in the winds that moan
A whisper, a sigh
The blink of an eye
And another year, almost gone

Janet Martin

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