Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lover of Night....

The lover of night cannot waste it sleeping
For then who would see where the lone breeze is weeping
Or as earth reaches up and the heavens bend low
And two become one in a silver-blue glow
Who would see stars on the ocean’s crest?
Or Venus, a stellar eye in the west
If the whole world would sleep then no one could tell
Of the dark, trembling leaf as another star fell
Ivory faces on smooth, satin pillows
Can not hear the whisper of moonlight in the willows
Or tell you the color of one a.m.
The deep shade of velvet at midnight’s hem
The lover of night is roused by the sigh
Of an amber-kissed cloudlet drifting by
Through un-curtained window she drinks in the tune
Of spring, summer, autumn and winter-white moon
The lover of night has known the caress
The subtle delight of complete quietness
Entwined in her heartbeat, yet soft on the air
The music of midnight serenades her there
The lover of night is a tormented breed
For it never can quite satisfy her need


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