Saturday, October 17, 2020

Comforted With Leaves

The dirt road winds its luring form

...through summers in our sighs

The dirt road winds its luring form through summers in our sighs 
Where autumn rain has calmed its storm of dust and butterflies 
The hazy, lazy melodies that ruffled leafy arc 
Surrenders summer’s symphonies like teardrops in the dark 
As purple aster stars are snuffed like sparks that climb the air 
And harvest is hope’s homage plucked and shucked with grateful prayer 

The lark has fled to kinder climes; the lily of the field 
No longer tolls with fragrant chimes to souls learning to yield 
To time’s insistent metronome of tick by tock tirade 
Where winds rip like a steel-tooth comb through woodland’s serenade 
And milkweed pods like plump professors dressed in proper best 
Are primed for the potation that will pop their velvet vests empty out its lining in silk parachutes, seed-sized 
To waft above the shining countryside, frost-fossilized 
And we are not so sorry now to see the summer fade 
Seduced by nature’s know-how in October’s yellow glade 
Where autumn’s climax is a-flutter with color’s collage 
Before it gilds gardens and gutters in leaf-decoupage
And so, we let our summer hearts be comforted with leaves 
And hills bedecked with stellar art no earth-artist achieves 
And so, we let October-awe heal wounds left by a blade 
Wielded by the orthodox law of tick-tock promenade 
That marches through our inmost parts, where if one loves one grieves
And so we let our summer hearts be comforted with leaves

© Janet Martin 

...the purple aster-stars are snuffed

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