Tuesday, October 20, 2020

All Fellow-Bumpkins

So much anger,
division, diversion,
strong opinion leading to violence 
of searching the scriptures
(therein lie the answers)
Instead of kneeling
before God
with bowed heart and head

May this be a day where we say little 
and love and pray much!
Where we exchange opinion 
for obedience
anger for grace, 
and gentleness and such
A day when 'love thy neighbor' 
is more than 
The Second-greatest command
May today be a step 
in the right direction
by unclenching fists
and shaking a hand

Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: 
Fear God and keep his commandments, 
for this is the duty of all mankind.

this is me...
home-body, home-maker,
prefer coffee to tea...
...but the thing to remember
whether you or me
There's so much more to all of us
than anyone can see!!

What makes you tick 
What makes me tock 
Is varied as 
The streets we walk 
But culture, country, 
Creed or race 
We are all bumpkins 
Of God’s grace 

Some like the beat 
Of city street 
Some seek the 
Solitude of books 
Or lanes or brooks 
Or other nooks 
Beyond the noise 
Of horns and looks 

Tis quite a tousled 
This garden of 
But no matter 
Who, when or where 
The same God cares 
For you and me 

Some of us rich 
Or poor or plain 
Or vain with very 
Fine façade 
But that is quite 
Beside the point 
We are all bumpkins 
Needing God 

This country we 
Call time and place 
Is but a stepping- 
Stone you see 
Before God reaches 
Down and plucks 
Us from here
To eternity 

Some roll with life’s 
Punches, some hide 
Some deny Truth 
And think they win 
But we, all bumpkins 
Cannot escape 
The soul within 

So whether loud 
Or shy or proud 
Or meek, small, tall 
Weak, strong, mean, kind 
We have one thing 
In common, dear 
All fellow-bumpkins 
God designed 

© Janet Martin

...so hello, fellow bumpkin😁


  1. That's one gorgeous bumpkin - a great pic of you, Janet!


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