Monday, June 29, 2020

The Awe of What Yet Waits...(or The Forwardness of Time)

 Yesterday, at the close of our worship service our pianist thanked God
not only for what He has done but for what He is going to do!
Isn't that an amazing Anticipation to start a new week on...
the hope and assurance of what He yet will do!

The forwardness of time is something none of us can overpow’r
And who of us can force the bud or pull its petal into flow’r
The finer things of love and life are not its passions we pursue
But rather the peace He will tender as we surrender anew

The ether tulle that tints the crepuscule that snuffs the dimming day
Soon dons the brush that spawns the blush that yawns the hush of night away
To kindle in the dwindling barge a charge that sparks the sacred toll
Where time’s sliver of light we see is but eternity’s keyhole

The say and do of me and you in time’s grand scheme may seem minute
But ho! The seeds of words and deeds will without fail unveil its fruit
And what seemed of small recompense when falling from our hands or lips
Becomes the bedrock or the bog whereby somebody stands or slips

The way we are can scar a soul without the holiness of God
He grants the grace that makes us whole in spite of holes in our façade
Where without Him the forwardness of time is a grim enterprise
Because it leaves us without hope when death has cut us down to size

The forwardness of time does not return us to yester’s despair
Its ladder that we climb is anchored in God’s everlasting care
Where all that he has done does not exhaust the mercy dawn makes new
But ushers with the rising sun the awe of what He yet will do

© Janet Martin

"Oh God, will you give me the song to share today?"
I prayed before I clicked Youtube 
And the song below was the first 'suggestion'!!
No better words to start a day or week on!
Thank-you Lord!


A friend sent me this song today after reading this post.

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