Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Likes of You and Me...

Glimpses of lull, lilt and laughter to cheer the likes of you and me😉...

Just turned  8 yr. old girl: I got a Charlie Brown book for my birthday
Me; (cause I LOVE Charlie Brown:) Cool! are you a Charlie Brown fan?!
She: No.

Me, explaining that dry cows does not mean they are not wet;
it means they are not being milked because they are going to have a calf...
5yr. old Farmer Boy; "yeah, I fink dey stop milking dem because da fahmoh would be wowwied dat da calf might come out while dey'we milking it and dat would be 'vewy Stwessful!"
(still learning to pronounce 'r' and 'th' cute!

 4 yr. old girl; Janet, come quick! Hurry!!!There's something green on the slide
...and I think it might be poisonous!" (turns out it was an inch-worm)

"Blech, I know a time when bigger is NOT better",
 said 9 yr. old boy spitting... Peas are NOT better bigger!

This hustle-bustle-muscle through morn’s mayhem-amen mist
Will leave the likes of you and me forever farewell kissed

Before the view we’re privy to fades from the pastureland
The likes of you and me should pause ‘cause twilight is at hand

Delight is like a kiss from God where sod and sky and sea
Excites the soul-full senses of the likes of you and me

The likes of you and me are very different yet the same
For no soul can be saved except through Jesus. Praise His name

How easily the poetry of bud to bloom is penned
To keen the likes of you and me to life’s incumbent end

Do not despair; the care that begets prayer is like a stair
The likes of you and me are climbing to ‘you know Who, and Where’

Naps are a thing of beauty; beauty breeds happiness
Perhaps the likes of you and me should nap more and talk less

Well, well, the fell is yellow where yesterday it was green
The likes of you and me caught twixt what waits and what has been

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right; the likes of you and me
Are marching to the beat of moments making history

Laughter and love, midst all the ‘stuff’ not quite so gently streamed
Startles the likes of you and me in ways we never dreamed

© Janet Martin

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