Sunday, July 15, 2018

So This Is Summer

 Sometimes when days are a blur of busyness its good to remind ourselves to slow a bit because 
This Is Summer...the days we dream about all winter long!

Where sheen of green turns gold and bronze

So this is summer; clouds float free
Like pontoons on a sky-blue sea
And patchwork panoramas surge
Out to where earth and heavens merge

Garden grants labour and respite
Plants charm senses of taste-smell-sight
Where lark and cricket serenade
Afternoon art of sun and shade

…and lemonade is tart and cold
Where shadow-pools lure young and old
And flowers spill and thrill then wane
And everyone wishes for rain

…to quench the thirst of bloom and beast
Where billows burst with mercy’s feast
And we are all happy to sit
And be immersed in it a bit

…and feel the friendship of hello
Before the grip of sleet and snow
Rouses in us the wanderlust
For days like these of dew and dust

Where sheen of green turns gold and bronze
On skeins that dole out dusky lawns
Where puppies romp and children play
And Time feels like a holiday

…filled with the crack of bats and cheers
With sun-hats, flip-flops, hotdogs, piers
And supper hours, sweet and slow
While twilight-towers grow and grow

So this is summer; soak it in
For soon its canopy grows thin
Where tatters scatter from its crown
In silver glints of thistle-down

© Janet Martin


  1. Seems an enchanting summer, though this is not the case here in India.

    1. We are having an awesome summer...hope yours gets better! We have friends from India 'home' for a visit. We definitely don't suffer the summers like you have! Hang in there.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi Vanadana, I simply deleted this 'cause it was blank...a glitch in cyber-space or something;)


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