Monday, July 16, 2018

Gateway to the Getaway...

 "I can't wait til September 'cause then I'll be in grade one", said Little Boy in wide, blue-sky July. "No, wait! I can't wait til October 'cause then I'll be six and in Grade one and I can play hockey again and that will be so fun AND it will be Hallowe'en and I'm going to dress up like a UPS driver like my dad, but oh, I wish the colors were black and red and yellow not brown and yellow...he pauses to chuckle "I really don't like brown and yellow!" All this without hardly taking a breath, as we podded peas...

Now six, now seven, now eight
Can someone kindly bar the gate
where night and day slip through and seal
what none can keep and none can steal
as gently dawn-to-dawn allots
the place where babies turn to tots
and Boy is in a hurry, oh
to have another birthday so
perhaps when he is five or six
he’ll be as big as Brother is
Now eight, now nine, now ten
Time seems in such a hurry to turn boys into grown men
And it will never bar the gate
Where child breaks through and mothers wait
At night with front porch lights left on
Until they’re home,
Until they’re gone

© Janet Martin


  1. Replies
    1. Hi:) and thank-you! I am blessed with daily doses of little boy sweetness these day! 7 little boys, not all on the same days, come here on a somewhat regular basis!


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