Sunday, July 15, 2018

From Mist-ry/Mystery To History

...and so the ebb and flow
of come and go
and surge and sweep
and wake and sleep
rolls over a prow
of here and now
where loosened ties bind
a shimmer of echoes left behind

A few photo of a few blips of Bygone

 ...And so it goes; eager helpers
...wander... fonder pastimes!

Wishing you a blessed day of rest!

(once in a while lines to a stanza wake me up, seriously!)
The first two lines of this poem jiggled me awake so I didn't argue­čśĆ

Ah, who knows what today will hold
A fulsome flood of gray and gold
Where summer-winter coffers spill
One-way offers of good and ill

Ah, who knows what today bestows
A tender blend of thorn and rose
Where plant and harvest stokes the earth
With parables of death and birth

Ah, who knows what today will teach
Our have and hold is filled with reach
Where love and longing intertwine
In tendrils clinging to The Vine

Ah, who knows what today will bring
Hip-hip-hooray and suffering
Where soulful oceans surge and swell
And melt on shorelines in farewell

Ah, who knows what today will yield
Morning is like a mist-veiled field
Where we gaze with expectancy
To places only God can see

© Janet Martin

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