Saturday, July 7, 2018


Enjoy! This fleeting meeting with earth’s treasure trove of bloom
(For every bud breaks only once to splay its petal-plume)
It excites expectation as earth’s flower-sea runs wild
And invites us to wade through it with wonder of a child

Enjoy! This panoramic sweep of green-gold promenade
Cannot keep verdant color long, before it starts to fade
Then pursue with intention heady hues of purple-pink
Where what we take for granted is transplanted in a wink

Enjoy the lay of leaf-vesper as light of day grows dim
Notice the way branch-minstrels play summer’s perfected hymn
Before life’s law and order reclaims what began at birth
Where nothing with the breath of life can remain here on earth

Enjoy! Applaud the God who creates all four seasons well
Who, with no help from anyone designed each flower-bell
And placed between the bully gales that blow, spring-summer-fall
Where for his glory nature spills the best worship of all

© Janet Martin

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