Monday, July 9, 2018

Comfort-able Life (able to find true comfort-life)

Sometimes an eye-opener reminds us to consider all the calamities that God, 
rich in mercy, spares us from...
No matter what happens God is always mediating on our behalf!

So often Lord, we cannot fathom what You orchestrate
Life’s way of day to day appoints battle before reward
It runs through Mercy’s faithful flue where dawn is like a gate
That swings ajar and never far from where You are, oh Lord

So often Lord, we do not see the angels that you send
To guard the place where human race would be destined to fail
Your purpose and protection, more than we can comprehend
…for flesh and blood’s brave, boldest boast at best is yet so frail

So often Lord, we tend to trust what sight can prove, for oh
Faith’s ‘evidence of things unseen’ is hard to shape with thought
And contrary to we who much prefer to touch-see-know
Instead of ‘waiting on the Lord’ as we who believe ought

So often Lord, we get caught up in want instead of need
Where ‘lust of flesh, lust of the eye and pride of life’ deceive
And oft we underestimate how oft you intercede
To save us from destruction we find easy to achieve

So often Lord, you long to gather us like little chicks
Beneath your wings; but we will not, and so you watch and wait
And never leave or forsake we, masters of stones and sticks
In ways we never realize you guard and mediate

© Janet Martin

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