Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Zirconium, Vanadium, Ruthenium, Oh My

For today’s prompt, pick an element (like from the periodic table), make it the title of your poem (or part of the title), and then, write the poem. 

The poet prefers worlds
Where war of words attract
Then let the scientist
The core of -ium fact

The sky is full of gold
The vale, pale amethyst
And when midnight
Is bright with moon
The world is silver-kissed

The earth is like a vault
We scale, scavenge and dredge
We climb a clime
Of emerald
To sit upon time's ledge

Imbibed by common grace
We, common, mortal man
Inhale, exhale
A miracle
Of immaculate plan

The Artist that ordained
The law of gravity
Maintains the wonder
Of it all
In flawless symmetry

The needy deeds of we
With greedy ignorance
Have vexed,
But cannot mastermind 
His kind Omnipotence

© Janet Martin


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