Friday, April 21, 2017

The Garden...

PAD Challenge 21: For today’s prompt, pick an object (any object), make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

Soon, soon we can begin making this year's garden-memories!
 a few fond flash-backs

It favors mouth with flavor and the hand with work to do
It lets us greet our neighbors with an extra gourd or two
It teaches perseverance in a classroom flower-strewed
And at the first appearance of fresh shoots, faith is renewed

It turns the common labourer into an artist, oh,
And Tommy learns to name the weeds and vegetables that grow
A patience-testing paradise; this heaven-whispered sod
Where, after we have done our best, the rest is up to God

A turnip-tater temple, walls of sunshine, floors of dirt
A sanctuary where bees, breezes and butterflies flirt
A let’s-go-to-the-garden for a little getaway
A quiet place to work and worship, plant, prune, pluck and pray

A never-quite-like-we-saw-it in dreamland’s oracles
But always awed amazement, where seed-grace grants miracles
A sweat-inducing glory-land where hand and heart re-learn
How fruit of humble labor is love and life’s best return

© Janet Martin


  1. Our life is a garden. Marvelous composition.

    1. thank-you for reading and for your kind thoughts!


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