Saturday, April 8, 2017

Panic Attack

PAD Challenge day 8: For today’s prompt, write a panic poem.

 Yesterday we woke to the after-effects what must have been a sudden panic-attack on old Man Winter's part...for we were well on the way to putting his memory behind us!
He began on Thursday evening and raged shamelessly all night long...

He rouses, panic-stricken
Oh dear, he must have dozed
And let the sunshine quicken
Bud-melodies, still closed

He dashes to his kitchen
Tips over jugs and jars
Below, the song of robins
Is snuffed by tardy stars

He shakes his feather pillows
A frenzied maniac
Afraid of green-leafed willows
And flower bric-a-brac

From closets he yanks dusters
And mops and pails and brooms  
With might, sheer panic musters
He sweeps a thousand rooms

…and chases through blue heaven
Dust bunnies white as snow
They tumble from his cavern
Onto the earth below

 Aha, grins Old Man Winter
White mayhem reigns once more
He tips back his recliner
And soon begins to snore

© Janet Martin


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