Saturday, April 8, 2017

Making the Most of The Little...

So much little life!
Cherish the Now while it runs rife 
Lest in the quest of Better, my dear
We miss the best of life;
Now and Here!

Gorgeous Saturday here!
By God's grace let's fills our space with joy...
The first week of April has been a bit of a beautiful blur...

You will leave
Love takes no holiday
And I could grieve
This Now that slips away
But not today

Lest, as I stare
I miss your kiss, my dear
Deaf to the air
That sings with Now and Here
…they disappear

And who of us,
No matter how we try
With fret and fuss
Can refurbish the sky
With ‘Now’ passed by?

Thus, if I grieve
Ah, may it simply be
A brief reprieve
To dance with the memory
Of you with me

© Janet Martin

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