Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Invisible Impetus

Wow, what a lot of Common Task awaits my attention today.
Good thing there's more to it then mere scrub, dig, sweep, polish etc.
Here's to the Lamplighter of the soul!

It’s not so much
The thing we do,
The hard climb up,
The quick descent
Nor is it the
Heart-bits we rue
Scattered across
The way time went
It’s not so much
This have and hold,
The growing old
With push and shove
It’s not so much
What we enfold
As the impetus of it:

© Janet Martin

PAD Challenge day 25: The final two-for-Tuesday prompt in April @Poetics Aside poem-a-day challenge is always: 
Write a love poem. 
Write an anti-love poem

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