Thursday, April 13, 2017


PAD Challenge day 13: For today’s prompt, write a family poem.

It is not always fancy; life's fond family-so-fair
That teaches us to love in ways that no one can prepare
So, ‘Bless this mess of happiness and hurt, oh Lord, we pray
Where we are ever learning something new about love’s way

…how holding on is always the prelude to letting go
As every mom-dad heart is stirred by how fast babies grow
Where there is nothing we can do to slow the hasting years
But treasure what seems common ere its measure disappears

…of laundry-laden lines, of clutter-clatter, hug and scold
Of patience tried and laughter cried while to-do lists spin gold
Of realizing far too late how far too soon we stare
To places empty save for memories that linger there

How fleeting is the heaven of sweet childhood’s innocence
How ever-after ring the echoes of Reminiscence
As, all we learn for certain as we work-play-pray-sleep-plan
Is, family is a blessing we should cherish while we can

© Janet Martin

penned this in snatches between much Thursday to-doing:)


  1. Wise words. Our comfort from a past gone by are great memories.

    1. reminds us to remember that what we do now is what we will remember farther on!


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