Monday, April 3, 2017

Blades of Grass or Caught Off Guard

The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; Ps.103:15

We harbour secret sorrows in hollows of skin and bone
And know, in spite of loneliness, that we are not alone
The God who grants the loveliness of seasons is our Stay
And He will never leave us love-forsaken on life’s way

We cup-cup-cup the up-up-up and lay-me-down to sleep
And love-love-love and learn-learn-learn how little we can keep
As day-to-day becomes the way that winds through retrospect
And we are always here, where past and future intersect

We cannot turn back Time or leap ahead of its decree
And what waits to unfold is more than anyone can see
As by-and by slips through this sigh-and-why afflicted dust
While time takes time to try us with new, untried ways to trust

A bell tolls in each blossom where the souls of people pass
To loll or stroll beneath the bough that shades these ‘blades of grass’
Where soon-soon-soon April-May-June will dip to history
As on the brink of eons we make small talk and sip tea

…and say, (as if we just discovered a phenomenon)
How swift the day that slips away, how quick a year is gone
Then pray the Lord our souls to keep and we to keep His word
Lest death should call when we think not, and we are caught of guard

© Janet Martin

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