Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Better Than This

PAD Challenge day 18: Somehow we’re already on our third Two-for-Tuesday of the month; 
time is flying.
Here are the two prompts for today:
  • Write a life poem. The poem could be about the miracle of life, the complexity of life, the game of Life, or anything else that means life for you. Or…
  • Write a death poem. For most organisms, life leads to death. So this should be as full of possibility as the life poem.
Written in memory of Eileen Bowman

From urns of earth, spring’s verdant birth returns
With mist of violets purpling dormant slope
And robins chirping chiralees of hope
And silver brook-song sparkling through new ferns
…in bellies of lost love a fire burns

Morning is polished with a sheen of green
And limb embellished with bud’s ruby gem
And mud a flood of floral diadem
Where long the cold hold of winter had been
Before warmth stirred to sight, faith’s fond Unseen

Before the daffodil leaped from its bed
To bob like sunbeams on hills rain-drop pearled
Before time’s topaz color-wheel unfurled
A world of wonder; pink-gold-purple-red
Before love's heart in full surrender bled

…and love was torn between sorrow and bliss
Her body sleeps in graves beneath the sod
Her soul is in the keeps of Loving God
…but still, we think about what she will miss
Until Someone reminds us;
Heaven is better than this

© Janet Martin

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