Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ah Me, How Sweet Is Spring!

PAD Challenge day 25: The final two-for-Tuesday prompt in April @Poetics Aside poem-a-day challenge is always: 
Write a love poem. Write an anti-love poem

 Ah, always without beck and bid
You come with purple flower-sheen
And thrum in grasses, giddy-green
Where long the clasp of Jack Frost hid
Your finest songs in silent sod
…like fractured harp-string healed by God

With detail-oriented touch
You fringe fence lines with daffodils
And fling your autograph to hills
In ink of hyacinth and such
Your Casanova-colored gaze
The coldest of rivals betrays

The idle cares that once we nursed
Are borne away on bloom-breathed breeze
Above spring’s heaven-tinted leas
The heart with harp-song is immersed
And earth is like a maiden’s smiles
Where Romeo’s ardor beguiles

 Ah, always, always, you return
And bring with you spring’s ageless joys
The world laughs, filled with girls and boys
Eager to drink from Time’s tipped urn
Where kiss of sun and mist of rain
Makes everything old, young again

© Janet Martin

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