Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Fantastic Matter of Fact

PAD Challenge, Day 2: For today’s prompt, write a “not today” poem.

There will be chairs of sand
And diets of sea-breeze and sun
And population tanned
And duty’s to-do left undone

Skies, bottomless and blue
Will drowse above the turquoise deep
Time’s panoramic view
White-capped, wind-swept and half-asleep

Laughter will lilt, a kite
The hour neither there nor here
Without a clock in sight
Save sailboats etched on coral pier

There will be barefoot strolls
But where we walked, no one can tell
There will be fishing poles
And fish that never bite, oh well

There will be summer, oh
There will be Holiday
There will be sea-song ebb and flow
But darling, not today

© Janet Martin


  1. Delightful dream.

    1. :) yes...the delight of expectation waiting for fruition!


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