Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Blue Look At Love

PAD Challenge day 25: The final two-for-Tuesday prompt in April @Poetics Aside poem-a-day challenge is always: 
Write a love poem. Write an anti-love poem

Sometimes I hate you, Love
The way you leave me blue
And render me inept to prove
The magnitude of you

The greatest joy of you
Prepares my deepest woe
And sometimes I am torn in two
Betwixt your high and low

Sometimes I hate your touch
A knife with double-edge
I never did care for pain much
But without it 
You're dead

© Janet Martin


  1. This does leave one wondering. But between the poetic style and the feelings aroused, Great Job.

    1. Perhaps it is confusing; simply put... as long as love is alive, sometimes it causes us pain. if it does not, it is dead.


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