Friday, October 14, 2016

When We All Work Together...

A month ago we watched in horror as this dairy barn full of cows and crop burned to the ground...
Both silos lost as well.
Ten days later I drove by in the morning...
...the next evening
See the new silo almost up?!
A month later...(well, not quite a month)

When we all work together
Comrades, side by side
We are able to weather
Whatever betides

When we all work together
To a common good
Then we accomplish
Those things that we should

When we all work together
...change personal plans
To help one another
However we can

When we all work together
No matter our place
Our kindness will better
The human race

© Janet Martin


  1. So sad, but what a comeback! That is one beautiful barn.

    1. It was so sad but watching the community rally is a true testament of love and commitment to help someone in need!

    2. Someone on FB commented that he talked to the owner today and they hope to be milking on Wed. evening! That will be a month and 3 days after the fire.

  2. I think it's amazing and my husband and I both wonder how is it possible to have an engineered approve plan in order to get a building permit this quickly?


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