Saturday, October 22, 2016

To Graduating Students...(or Students Working Toward 'Graduation')

Last night we attended the Commencement ceremony at E.D.S.S. to celebrate with the graduating class of 2015/2016. Our son Matt, is one of many who are moving on to begin writing the next chapter in their life-book. After listening to the valedictorian and principal's speeches, both of them thoughtful and inspiring, I find it encourages every 'student' to keep on giving their best!

One chapter behind you
A book yet to write
Then, pray God to guide you
And to grant insight

Soon you will discover
New lessons, my dears
Each day is a classroom
Full of teachers and peers

For we are all students
With honors to earn
Where wisdom and prudence
Takes much time to learn

Some days are a failure
While others we ace
As we climb time’s ladder
Grounded in God's grace

No matter our calling
No matter our age
We should give our all in
Each filling of page

And we should take pride in
What our book will be
For we are all writing
A legacy

© Janet Martin


  1. One to the next chapter... Congrats, Janet!

    1. Thank-you:) Matt's next chapter includes an apprenticeship to become a licensed electrician.

    2. I think it's wonderful. Whatever he chooses to do later, he'll learn a great trade; great for life, great for work. Electricians will always be in demand.

      I hope my son will consider a similar path: I'd love him to become a carpenter, for instance. But that's my vision, his might be totally different...we'll have to wait and see.

    3. Last night I loved how they reiterated that everyone is important as well as what they choose to do.It takes everyone's jobs to make a world work! And sometimes we need to try a few things before we find what we love! But just get out there try something do it well and be proud of your effort!
      Yes, I'm glad he is learning a trade! Even if they end up doing something else eventually they will always have the experience of what they learned.

      Carpentry is such a valuable thing to learn no matter what else one might do because eventually those skills will come in handy and save one a lot of money or like us, will pay a carpenter a lot of money to do something that we don't know how to do!:)
      Matt has mentioned that he wishes he would have done one co-op class in carpentry just to learn some basic skills.
      It is an exciting 'wait and see', isn't it?


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