Sunday, October 2, 2016

Time Is The Essence...

 Don't you LOVE, love, love what Time does with earth in Autumn?

Throw me a poetry-lure about Time and I'll bite every time;-))

Time is the essence
Of presence and air
Past swells, future lessens
A moment-ous affair

Nobody can still it
Or deter its course
Only One can will it
This breath by breath force

Ephemeral treasure
Appears, disappears
Pain, passion and pleasure
Shaping yester-years

When will it expire?
This temporal lease
Hinged to Something Higher
Someday Time will cease

…ah, then, in Time’s ending
Its crux is revealed
Death’s Awesome Awak’ning
In thin air concealed

© Janet Martin

Time is of the essence and the essence of Choice.
Who can usurp its immutable voice?
Its glance like a sparkle of sun on the sea
Temporal hinged to eternity


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