Friday, October 28, 2016

The Unveiling...

Uninhibited, the day
Through the dark night finds its way

Pale its blush of rose expands
Tints the curve of common lands

Breathes to life earth’s color-scale
Folds with gold, night’s charcoal veil

Melts the stars from gilded clime
Melds another morn to Time

Peals with purple-misted toll
That which no man can control

© Janet Martin

Good Morning:)


  1. First there is the line: "the day through the dark night, finds its way", then there is that photo of sun-frosted leaves with a welcoming cup of warm at the end. Lovely, just lovely.

    Waiting for you to write a poem about frost. Please?

    1. :) thank-you for reading and for the request. I can never promise a poem but I CAN always promise that I sure would love to try;-)


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