Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thankful Hunger

I gleaned marigold seeds...because the neighbor was coming to plow the garden 
(another garden-year officially in the books)

 When I plant these seeds next spring, 
Lord willing, I will have a winter of Grandmother-hood behind me;-)

Sometimes I find myself
Looking at you
Through eyes of reluctant seeing
My little girl,
How swift Time drew
You to its constant fleeing

A clock gives no thought
To tick and tock
Or its Quick of imminent taking
Sometimes I find myself
Looking at you
As if suddenly I am waking

…to a world
Of foreign realities
Though time never estranges
My love for you;
I am introduced to
Its physical exchanges

Where womanhood
Becomes you, oh,
Yet, I cannot help but hunger
In spite of my
Thankful and utter joy,
For days when we were younger

© Janet Martin

Maybe its looking after other mother's children,
Maybe its watching Matt and Victoria leave every morning,
Maybe its Melissa's phone-calls from TO,letting me know what's new, what-should-I-do? etc.
Maybe its listening to Emily's excitement of becoming a mother (in approx. 10 weeks, Lord Willing)
but sometimes Something jolts the air with thankful hunger...


  1. Oh, such exciting times! Girls all look wonderful in the picture.
    My daughter was born January 13, maybe around that time for Emily?.. :)

    A marigold question: do you store the seeds in pods until spring?

    Stay well and happy.

    1. Thank-you Sasha,
      Super-exciting times! Jan. 3rd is her due date so who knows?! I think January is a great month to have a baby. One can snuggle the winter away:)

      I spread the marigold seeds out so they don't get moldy before they are totally dry then I will likely un-pod them simply because then they will be ready for planting. Last year I left them in the pods until planting time and that was fine too.

  2. Best to you in Motherhood and the growth of family.
    Being a Grama is cool. I've got two ;)
    Best to you, your family and your garden!

    (visiting from Sasha's post on marigolds...)


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