Sunday, October 16, 2016


With every tick and tock of clock
And every sunset-sea
With every little step we walk
And every breath we breathe
With every word we say or pray
And every thought we think
With each good night and new today
That passes wink-by-wink
With every touch and taste and take
And make-a-memory
We tread a tide that ebbs the wake
Before eternity

With every yes and no we choose
Where dues are certainty
In spite of all that Past accrues
And we no longer see
With each hello, I love you so
And each farewell, my dear
With each hold-close-then-let-it-go
With every smile and tear
The gap twixt here and There recedes
Ah, pray we bend our knee
And ready ourselves for death’s needs
Before eternity

With every drop of rain that plops
And every season weaned
As granaries are filled with crops
And field and furrow gleaned
With every folding of the hand
As we lie down to sleep
And every tucking in of land
Beneath cold winter’s deep
With every seed and every deed
No matter who we be
For one and all our footsteps lead
Into eternity

© Janet Martin

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